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Roma Niessen

SUBMIT: Roma Award.JPGRoma’s successful real estate business is managed with dedication, drive, and an instinctive compassion instilled in her through handling some of life’s biggest challenges.

Her success has gained her industry awards and a place in the President’s Premier of Coldwell Banker International. Roma has been presented with the Coldwell Banker Canada Ultimate Service Sales Representative Award is a Previews Property Specialist, and has a SRES designation for working with Seniors

Her agency, Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty has been a Chairman's Circle Office, top 1% in the Coldwell Banker brand since it opened in 1991.

Roma, born and raised in a strict but loving Mennonite family in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a strong work ethic, credits her father, a real estate agent himself, with teaching her the "can-do" attitude and positive outlook that has helped her through both good times and bad.

Roma got her unofficial start in the real estate business by helping her father file new listings sheets in an era long before computers and cell phones. After marrying her high school sweetheart, she worked as a bookkeeper and started her family, which eventually included two sons and a daughter. Her husband began a construction business in new homes. Becoming involved in that business was a natural for Roma.

In 1972, she sold her own house while working in the yard to a passerby. She informed her husband that night when he came home. It was a natural transition for her to become a full-time representative in her husband’s thriving building and Construction Company.

Roma and her husband had a home in which TV commercials were filmed, the power and prestige of a highly-respected profile in the business and church community. They traveled extensively, had a cottage away from it all on a secluded island beside a former prime minister and cosmetic king. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? It didn’t stay that way.

In the early 1980's her husband's business was hard hit. Roma looked around for other opportunities and it was not long before she earned her real estate license and started working the resale market in Winnipeg. Again, her positive outlook – and her extensive network in Winnipeg - helped her succeed as her husband rebuilt his business. She also learned to set specific goals. "I made a budget to cover the mortgage and kids’ expenses, and figured out how many homes I needed to sell to make the budget, right down to sales per week and numbers of listings."

In the mid-nineties, Roma’s life took another turn. Her husband had a business opportunity in Kelowna BC. Roma decided good husbands were hard to find and it was "easier to change cities than husbands" .It was difficult to make a fresh start in Kelowna, BC, thousands of miles from family and friends, church and community. Roma went to work rebuilding her real estate business in a town where she knew no one. "I went to the top agent in my office and offered my services," Roma says. "I made myself available for open houses so I could meet people. I still do open houses now on new construction sites, to the extent that I have averaged four open houses a week for the past ten years. I think it’s good to be out there to see what people want and what they’re looking for. That’s the discipline of the job."

Four years later, after rebuilding both businesses to successful levels, disaster struck once more. Her husband was diagnosed with a rare, incurable brain disease that eventually left him wheelchair bound. Roma, while continuing to work full time in real estate, was his primary caregiver day and night for two years until he died. After his death, she started working her real estate business with increased vigor, setting specific goals once more to meet financial demands.

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Four years after her husband's death, she was injured in a horrific car crash in a high mountainous area of BC. She lay in a snow bank for three hours before help came. In fact, if it had not been for the driver asking for her, the ambulance attendants would have left her behind. With 18 broken bones, Roma spent weeks in the hospital.

"My life has been full of complication and suspense," Roma says. "Not knowing how long I have to live or to love, I keep alive the hope that somewhere there is a special blessing waiting just for me."

Roma’s spirit, gritty determination and drive have helped her achieve a position in the top two percent of all 500 agents in Kelowna. A consistent high-level producer for over 21 years with Coldwell Banker, Roma has reached the level of one of the top 10 agents across Canada for the company and is ranked among one of the top in her office of Horizon Realty. Roma credits the strong support she gets from the Horizon Realty office.

Roma sees every day as full of opportunity, despite her experiences. The best part of the job is the chance to meet new people from all over the w

Roma is predominantly a seller’s agent, focusing on homes that sell for between $400,000.00 and 5,000,000.00. She has also built a specialty in condo and town homes projects selling between $250,000.00 and $700,000.00.orld who come to Kelowna looking for a place to live. "I have learned that you cannot live your life in fear," Roma explains. "The way I see it, I get dressed up every morning, go into the beautiful outdoors, meet new and interesting people, and earn my livelihood as a bonus. What could be better than that?"

Whatever the type of home that she is selling, Roma displays an innate understanding of marketing. Marketing means following basic good business practices, exposing the properties in advertising, getting back to people promptly driving people to her website, to She maintains good relationships with her peers in the industry. She relies on a variety of methods but understands that "It’s not about me," she says with the wisdom generated through her own life experience. "It’s about my clients, and what has happened to them before they came to see me. I respect them and care about meeting their needs.” Roma’s clients heap praise on both her professional expertise and her emotional support.

Where does Roma find the motivation to keep going, despite the personal tragedies in her life? “A good sense of humor helps a lot. Bills at the end of the month are a strong motivator!" she concedes.

“I keep going because I have a strong faith, and a positive outlook. Grace takes courage, calm, and a will to go on living, loving, and making the best of what we have or don’t have. Everyone has a story to tell, usually filled with both joy and heartache. Our only choice is how we are going to respond our circumstances, positively or negatively. I choose positively."     Roma Niessen